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Q:-Introduction of AIMMS and its Status?

AIMMS is a reputed institution mainly concerned with professional development through professional Qualification in various fields mainly by Distance/ Experience plus research basese., Since 2004 it is working in the field of certifications in various fields, on the bases of various modes of study. Mainly we have a hybrid system of education, ie 20 percent incampus training based and 80 percent on research assignments bases. Our major target area is on job professionals both inside and out side of the country, and let our valued candidates to complete the various 1/2 year diplomas in a flexible and open manner. Under fast track system of study the candidate, if he possesses, reasonable experience document can complete the complete process of 2 year diploma with in  4-5 months under exemption and awarding body’s policies.

AIMMS as a link can award you the certification from certain bodies of Europe/CANADA/ and Pakistan, where AIMMS has proper MOUs with them. For the convenience of our students AIMMS has training campuses in Lahore. AIMMS incurs this huge financial and other expenses with the sole aim to get our prospective candidates satisfied and more productive to cope with the new circumstances.

AIMMS is working under the dynamic and professional leadership of like minded experts. The position of every organization is very easy to check in this modern age. You please just check our campuses and verify our status by google chrome Engine.

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Q:-How can i apply Online, and how i will know course details,fee, and exam etc?

Its too much easy. Just write your course name in the Search A Course Menue, or just browse on any course and details will appear. An online form will come before you, just fill it and press submit. With in minutes you will get all details in your own mail, please check it and proceed……..

Please if you dont have an email or net facility, it is easy to send copies of your documents and admission deposit slip via courier..

please directly contact our campus on

0092 334 5068900/0092 3224439673


Q:-How i will get 02 year Skill  Diploma if i dont have experience in the related field?

Dont worry, we can help you.If you do not have experience in the related field, you can also get the diploma. However after your admission you will be required to submit 03 assignments, for which we will send you books and reading materials. In such cases, you can complete your 02 year diploma with in short time of 04-05 months…

Q:-How many courses, can i apply at the same time?

Unlike traditional system of education,  you can apply max  02  courses at the same  time. But we encourage only two courses in a time from two different issuing bodies… However it is subject to fulfilling the criteria..

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Q:-How can a person get 1 or 2 year diploma in 03 months? It does not make sense.

Professional certification, unlike pure academics, can be granted with in 4-5 months under RPL/APL to the professionals who claim experiences in the related field.

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